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Direction Counselling & Training
Direction for counselling and training
We provide counselling services and training courses from our offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We are pleased you have chosen to visit us.
5 Dundonald Street, Edinburgh EH3 6RX Tel: 0845 03456 44
Stress Management Scotland
In order to help with problems and make life changes, we use a combination of counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy in a safe and confidential way. We can help you with - SLEEP - CONFIDENCE - STRESS - ANXIETY - RELATIONSHIPS.
1/6, 4, Sciennes House Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1NW
Tel: 0131 667 7199

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The BT links Edinburgh Counselling Guide, your very own local counselling finding service in Edinburgh. This Edinburgh psychotherapist therapists channel is here to save you time and provide a hassle free way to find Counselling in Edinburgh. Our aim is simple - to make Edinburgh psychotherapist services and councelling easier to find! Our Edinburgh anniversary channel contains listings of useful sites for therapists and psychotherapy information to help you make the most of your visit

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