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Divorce Solicitors Edinburgh

Divorce Solicitor in Edinburgh. Use this Edinburgh Divorce Solicitor links guide to find the information you need about Divorce Solicitor Services in Edinburgh

Thorley Stephenson SSC
Examples and answers to frequently asked questions about family law and divorce
What is the likely cost. How long do I have to be married before I can get a divorce. What are the grounds for a divorce. Do I have to agree all financial matters before I start divorce proceedings.
51, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 1LL Tel: 0131 556 9599
A & W.M Urquhart

If your relationship has broken down, we will clarify and advise you on the rights, responsibilities and obligations that exist between you and your partner. We will carefully assess each situation and then discuss the available options with you before recommending a course of action.

16, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, EH3 6HR
Tel: 0131 556 2896
Aitken Nairn
We emphasise negotiation and agreement rather than conflict and confrontation in the application of the principals of matrimonial law to the special circumstances of each individual case. We can also advise you on family protection, domestic violence, interdicts, adoption, and child care proceedings.
5-7, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6LA
Tel: 0131 556 6644
P. Clark Thomson & Son
It is a fact of modern life that many marriages and other relationships do not succeed for one reason or another. When a breakdown occurs, there are often complex matters to sort out relating to children and finances. It is usually a very emotional time when resolution of the problems requires a sensitive approach.
7A, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QG
Tel: 0131 556 0159

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