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Edinburgh Nursery Schools

Nursery Schools in Edinburgh. Use this Edinburgh Nursery School links guide to find the information you need about Nursery Schools in Edinburgh.

Headstart Nursery School
We offer both full and part-time care at our nursery schools in Leith and Morningside
Our Under 2's facilities are bright and spacious. We have separate nappy changing areas and sleep rooms. The play rooms are equipped with long, child-height mirrors and children enjoy spending time in front of them making faces and waving.
16, Queen Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6AT
Tel: 0131 555 0700
Prime Time Nurseries
Prime Time Nurseries will provide a stable and stimulating environment in which your child can grow and develop in his or her formative years. Our highly trained team will nurture and protect your child while providing an entertaining, educational activity programme tailored to suit each individual.
29, Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JX
Tel: 0131 226 7340 Fax: 0131 226 7540
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